Demystifying Financial Jargon: Explaining Key Finance Terms and Concepts

Navigating the world of personal finances can be overwhelming, especially when financial experts, companies and media outlets use complex terminology and insider jargon.

We will clearly define terms like assets, liabilities, credit score, interest rates, inflation, investments and more. Whether you are a student just starting to build financial literacy or a seasoned professional looking for a refresher, this section cuts through the jargon and provides easy-to-understand definitions and practical examples to help cement your understanding of key finance terms and commonly used concepts. You'll gain the knowledge to converse confidently and make informed decisions.


Our 20-Year History of Providing Unbiased Guidance

Our company traces its roots back to 2003 when a group of concerned academics and former finance professionals saw the need for impartial personal finance resources. Too often, financial guidance is provided by institutions trying to market products or push a specific ideology rather than truly equip consumers to confidently manage their money. We launched with the sole mission to offer well-researched, agenda-free curriculum teaching real-life money skills.

As a pioneering force in unbiased financial education for 20 years and counting, we remain passionately committed to our mission of providing practical money guidance that allows learners at all stages to achieve lasting financial health and prosperity. Here's to 20 more years!


Your Journey to Financial Literacy

Financial Education Tailored to Your Needs This heading positions the company as customizing offerings to match clients' interests. Well-Rounded Wisdom for Financial Wellbeing Focuses on providing complete and balanced financial literacy. Invest in Yourself Through Our Life-Enriching Programs Emphasizes self-improvement via finance programs as personal investments.

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I was completely lost when it came to understanding personal finance until I discovered Financial Skills Academy. As a newly divorced mom of two kids, I suddenly had a lot more to manage on my own from housing to healthcare to planning for college one day. The on-demand video courses broke complex money topics down in simple ways I could understand.


Do I need any prior finance knowledge to benefit from your courses?

We design our personal finance curriculum specifically for beginner to intermediate learners. No matter your starting financial literacy level, our goal is to provide the foundational knowledge to become adept at managing your money. Courses progress in sequence to incrementally teach key concepts and strategies from budgeting to investing.

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What if I can only afford one course right now?

We allow learners to enroll in individual self-paced video courses based on topics of interest, availability to commit time, and budgets. While our credential pathways help structure comprehensive learning, just taking our introductory money management course for example can greatly boost financial skills. We make continuing future learning easy by preserving all progress and offer installment payment plans.

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Can I interact with instructors for guidance?

Yes, learner support and engagement are cornerstones of our teaching methodology. All video courses provide access to discussion forums and message inboxes connecting you directly with credentialed instructor-coaches to ask questions, walk through exercises together, and get advice applying course learnings to your personal financial situation. We pride ourselves on tailored guidance.

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